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Summer Break Begins!

Saturday, May 21 2016

Krystle's last day of school was this past Monday. Her first week of summer break exciting! While Krystle was taking finals Monday, I was at the 26th Annual Division Aging Developmental Disabilities Conference with our Avon Fundraising table. Susan Kallish-Bailey, Executive Director iTN St. Charles which provides transportation to Seniors and Adults with Disabilities St. Charles County joined me for most of the day. Great to see so many people I used to work with (I retired 2/1/2016 after 30 years Division Developmental Disabilities). Proceeds of this event donated to iTN ST. Charles. Thursday, Krystle and I had our Avon Fundraising booth at the Northwest Chamber of Commerce Business Expo-proceeds donated to Veteran groups we partner with to date: Kaufman Fund, Saving Military Families, and Robinson Foundation (Homeless Veterans in St. Charles). Michael Robinson came to visit and I was able to connect him to Scott, another veteran who also has a radio show supporting Veterans. Michael was invited to be on the radio show that day and really excited about the opportunity! Michael Forrest, also a veteran, stopped by and let us know he's now on the Board of Directors for Saving Military Families! Great to know our introduction to Michelle Berghardt, President Saving Military Families resulted in a Board Member plus, Thrivent Financial partnership! We had our picture taken with representatives of Kaufman Fund, too! Friday brought Krystle to her first Vet Net meeting where she gave the donation to Kaufman Fund and Saving Military Families who were also at meeting! We topped off our week with invitation to a Women's Power Network luncheon where Sara Hoffstot with Inspire Licensed Professional Counseling introduced us to Lori Lander, founder Girls in the Know. Krystle and I were inspired by all the women we met and the opportunity to discuss Avon Fundraising. Looking forward to a summer filled with fun, business, and giving back to our community!

Avon Fundraising Basics

Sunday, May 01 2016

When we partner with an individual, family, school, church group, and/or non profit we work to develop and implement individualized fundraising based upon the goals (i.e., how much do you want to earn, purpose, time frame, etc.). We have two types of fundraising we support. The first is the one time fundraiser-such as Emily, who needed to raise $2200 in three weeks so she could go on her mission trip. She achieved her goal and went on her mission trip last winter. The second type of fundraising we support is ongoing. A great example is the Antioch District Missionary Baptist Association, Minister's Wives & Widows Auxiliary, St. Louis, who partners with us year round to raise money for their identified causes (i.e., Debutante and Beau Cotillion for 2016 and Anne Malone Children & Family Service Center). We also utilize our referral network to bring in additional support when needed to meet goals. To learn how we can help you raise money using Avon Fundraising (i.e., the fundraising flyers, our website sales, and/or brochures) please contact us for more information. 314-378-6129,, or We look forward to discussing your fundraising goals and how we can help you achieve them!